GET OUTDOORS!  Are you adventurous beyond the TV clicker and the Swamp Wars? Don’t give up your Monster Fish program but do consider a Just Go Connect Group and get out to Play. Maybe you have been saying if I only had time to get out and HIKE OR BIKE. Or maybe if I just had some people to go with I might just make time? Recreation is all about enjoying what is around you, and the outdoors is one of the best ways to unwind, get rid of stress and take a deep breath. Better yet, create your  PACK of people and you will feel connected while on the trail. You may see adventure as simple as a hike, challenging as a scuba diving or adventuresome as four wheeling or sailing. Just Go Connect is all about whatever and wherever your heart takes you, and the connections made as you venture Outdoors.

"Just Go Connect was created to help people go home happy from work because they show up happier"


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