START YOUR CAUSE: Have you ever said "why don’t we do volunteer with this charity" and the committee said "thank you but we only do this"!  Well, enough of that because everyone has their favorite causes and value on community service. Maybe you want to start a reading group for kids or a clean up the park movement? Or a paint the neighbor's house or the local community center? It’s about your vision and others that want to join in the group connection and "give to win". VolunTEAMism is when people "team up" and volunteer while engaging in a meaningful project.

THE CAUSES ARE ENDLESS: Think of activities you can create and complete with a small group of people without a committee or too much time planning. Or get involved with "happenings" already going on like a "race for a cause" event or "pets for a purpose" fund raiser. If you like to Golf, create a Golf & Community Service Group where you get out and play once a month, and the game is part of a fundraising tournament in the community. Just Connect and give your time while building meaningful heart and hands friendships.



Food Bank


Create a Home


Paint a Mural


Feed the Needy



Start a Group Today!

You could start a:

  • Habitat Clean Up
  • Donation Drive
  • Fundraising Benefit
  • Widow Care Group

Community Service Sponsors